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Your Cowardly Lion

It all starts small... like this tiny kitten I met in Bali, who is too freakin' cute!

We've all seen The Wizard of Oz, right? Dorothy goes on this journey down the yellow brick road to find the wizard and meets complex characters along the way.. all struggling with their identity and their lack. "If only I had..." they continue to repeat through song and dance.

One of those characters, fighting for their chance at something greater, is the Lion; The Cowardly Lion. So this lion- from the outside- looks like a normal lion (well, not really... but pretend he does). He has all of the attributes needed to be king of the jungle; a mane, a tail, whiskers, and let's pretend he is walking on all fours. However, what this guy, I mean lion, is missing, is the courage to be a lion. He's having a hard time finding the courage he needs to be a leader among the beasts.

The story is cute, and heartfelt. (Spoiler, they all find out that what they desire was really inside of them the whole time.)

Unfortunately, we all have certain traits that align us more with this lion than we'd wish. We all have things we want to do, "land that we want to conquer," but lack the followthrough and determination to get it done.

I've learned a lot about perfectionism, lately. And I've learned how much of myself is stuck in the cycle of trying to be everything to everyone. I've held myself back from being seen. I've stopped myself from putting me "out there," afraid that others might not align with my thoughts. I've been afraid to fail because that would mean having to admit that I did. I've kept a lot of things "safe"... and that has gotten me through, but definitely hasn't pushed me forward.

What is your "cowardly lion"? What is the thing inside of you that causes you to back down from what it is you're being called to do? What is it that makes you second guess your potential... or stops you from charging full speed ahead?

When you're able to recognize those blocks and are able to see how much they hinder you-- that's when it's time to make a change. That's when it's time to say "no more" to procrastination, to perfectionism, to low self-esteem and comparison to others.

The trick is allowing yourself to move forward, despite everything inside that may tremble. It's in acknowledging and celebrating the small wins and the small changes that get you one step closer. It's when you decide to take that first small step that big changes will come.

Make a goal today. Set aside time to make imperfect action on whatever it is that you desire. Allow yourself the opportunity to grow, and throw immediate perfection out of the window.

Be the cowardly lion, AFTER he realized that what needed was inside of him the whole time. Use the courage that you have, and make courageous movement, today!


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