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When Christianity No Longer Means Jesus

There is a global misunderstanding.

And that misunderstanding is this... "Christianity means Jesus."

Now, there was a time-- I like to think-- where Christians actually pursued the heart of Jesus. I believe there was a time that selfish desires were outweighed by the needs of the poor, hungry, and lost. That there was a time when love was poured out on a hurting world by those who claimed the same heart as the Savior who died for the sins of many. I believe there may have been a time when the church was a place to equip and inspire believers so that they could, in turn, go out and impact the world- bringing positive light, freedom, and the story of Grace to those who would otherwise seek death, destruction, and fight low self-esteem.

However, the church as a whole, has become an institution of greed, democracy, judgement, and comfort. Christians have begun turning their eyes from large groups of people due to differences of opinion, lifestyle, or physical attributions. They've formed denominations that seek to tear down one another, to "one up" the other, to better "market" themselves. They've began to rely on money instead of Faith and popularity over inclusion.

So often, the term "Christianity" no longer defines the heart of Jesus. The term has become selfish, contradicting, fake, and immoral. The term "Christianity" no longer means hope for humanity and it definitely no longer shines the light of the world to the dark and lonely.

It was never about our comfort. It was never about our cultural framework. It was never about politics. It was never about money. It was never about hatred, misogyny, bigotry, phobias, racism, or elitism.

Christianity is living a life that shines hope to the world, to those who otherwise wouldn't know of the grand gift given by a loving and forgiving Savior. A Savior who walked this earth and gave numerous examples of humility, acceptance, and love. A man who went into places others would have never gone. Talking to those whom others would have never talked to. Giving to those who didn't deserve. Loving the unlovable. Feeding the hungry.

Christianity isn't about you, it never was. Christianity is about Him.

Christianity isn't about fulfilling a law. Christ did that.

Christianity isn't about a life a perfection. Christ in the only perfect one.

Christianity isn't about winning. Christ has already won over death

Christianity isn't about an image. It was humility that gave us freedom.

Too many times, people rely on a word, a term, to define them. However, may we begin to allow our actions to define us. To tell our story, our own story of grace poured out, forgiveness given, and our broken soul redefined and made new.

The world is watching. The world sees. And the world's view of Christ is very much defined by the actions of those who claim to follow Him.

If we're going to use the term-- let's at least use it correctly.

Love is love is love is Love is Love.

1 John 4:10

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