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Dustin C. Kinard⎮Author of The Wandering Adventures at Hobart Mill

DUSTIN C KINARD was born and raised in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, on the outskirts of Charleston. He has always loved English and the arts and started his early career as his high school’s yearbook editor, designer, and journalist. After graduating from an international leadership college, he worked as a non-denominational associate pastor, where he wrote and developed children’s curriculum and plays. During this time, he began creating some of the characters still used in his writing today.

Dustin has lived abroad in Sydney, Australia, and has traveled to places like India, Colombia, and Bali for months. He travels and explores the world often, collecting art and gathering stories for himself and his readers. He loves all forms of storytelling, including a particular interest in puppetry. Travel remains his greatest muse.
As a traveler, Dustin enjoys immersing himself in culture, often off the beaten path, where he stays in homes with local families, joins in on religious ceremonies and experiences, and feasts on the traditional cuisine around a dinner table. A common theme in his writing is that he draws influence from native lore, spirituality, mythology, tall tales, and his favorite artists and stories.
Dustin resides in New York City with his husband, Erik, their cats (Brea and Emmet), and their Golden Retriever, Cub. He
 spends his days at the dog park, enjoying Broadway shows and catching his favorite musicians’ concerts- when he's not traveling the world.

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