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My Two Argentine Pesos

"Buenos Aires called me, and that's all I can say."

Two weeks before a planned trip to Europe, I immediately changed my itinerary and instead booked my time in South America. It is that gut feeling that we must teach ourselves to listen to, especially as a wanderer and traveler. I, too often, feel the need to explain my decisions to others, and this time I had no good excuse. I was going to Argentina, and that was that.

Buenos Aires is quite the illusion, honestly. As someone who has visited other parts of South America, this particular city stands out in a flavor of its own. Spend a day visiting the cafes, walking the tiny streets and alleyways, while admiring the intricate architecture- and one may assume they indeed did take that flight to Europe. The French balconies and ornamental ironwork, the cafes spilling out onto the sidewalks, the fashion worn by the cities inhabitants. The "Paris of South America," they call it

However, don't be fooled. This city nestled way down in South America, is a city filled with latin flare. Watch the flawless movements of the tango, taste the delicious empanadas by the dozen, and listen to the romantic accent of the locals- not to mention all of the eye candy there is to enjoy.

The city is busy, it's crowded. There are a lot of people living in Buenos Aires, and a lot of travelers visiting to see why. The public transit is bustling and good luck finding a spot to stand on the subway during any rush hours. The entrances of the restaurants are overflowing with people, all wanting a taste of the famous Argentine beef (and everything else, I mean the food is all SO good!) Like honestly, the cuisine is amazing and will become the center of your trip, no doubt!

The late summer/ early Autumn weather of March is perfect- a blend of cool, mild breeze and the warm sunny skies. The right amount of crisp air in an early morning walk to ignite the wonder in us all. Tiny shops and store fronts to walk around, museums to explore, book shops to dig through, and art to admire.

So- what does one do in Buenos Aires? It's simple, you relax. Enjoy a cafe con leche, either sitting outside- like in Plaza Dorrego, or go inside of a beautiful building like the famed Cafe Tortoni. Remind yourself not to walk too fast as you aimlessly wander the streets. Have a seat on a bench and listen to the many dialects spoken around you. Have a fresh juice, be content, and enjoy this unique city and all that it has to offer.

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