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Secrets of First Class Flights: Travel Tuesday 5

First Class... Isn't there supposed to be a punch bowl and evening gowns?

If you've ever flown, then you know that there is this secret area of the plane where the elite fly, right? It's called first class, and it hides behind that curtain that is draped up front. These people get to board the plane first, but did you know that they have their own first class toilet as well? On one of my recent international flights, I, for the first time in my life, sat first class. An event that dreams are made of, you ask?! Well, as someone who was always curious about the celebrity worthy treatment, here is my observations and take away from my flights behind the curtain.

I actually managed to fly first class as a round trip, both to my destination and back. A total of approximately 14 hours in a first class seat. I will say, I was a little bummed that I didn't get to walk on a red carpet. I flew with United on a 757 and definitely stood in the wrong line while waiting to board, so missed out on that experience! However, once I boarded the plane and turned left instead of right... "off to the peasant seats for the rest of ya"... I was greeted by smiling flight attendants who were collecting coats to hang in the coat closet. Fancy. I will say, the closet was very narrow, and did not fit everyones coat, but it was a nice gesture, for sure.

Once you're in your seat, which actually can fold down into a completely flat bed, they bring around your personal little travel case. Inside, it holds the tiniest toothpaste tube you've ever seen, a face mask and earplugs, lotions and hand cream, a comb and toothbrush... pretty much everything you could possibly need on a flight, but probably won't use. Then, they ask you about your meal preferences from their first class menu- things such as braised short rib, curry chicken, or stuffed ravioli, accompanied with a starter salad and something like chilled shrimp or salmon.

They'll also ask you about a welcome drink. Champagne for my night trip- and first ever first class flight, of course. However, I ordered a tea for my morning drink... and that never came. I'll let it slide. But drinks are free, like ALL drinks and they also have an extensive dessert menu, which if you ask me, is totally worth it all. A sundae cart, and Im talking wheeled cart down the aisle; chocolate, caramel, whipped topping, cherries, starwberries, Oreos, nuts, it as all there. Also a tower of pies, macaroons, and puddings. Literally the closest to heaven I've been, in the sky among the clouds and all.

Other points of interest include saks fifth avenue blankets and pillows, a larger(er) personal TV and headphones, and did I mention the seat becoming a bed thing?! Over all, the experience was good, definitely not what I had seen in the cartoons of my youth, but disco ball and full orchestra aside, riding behind the curtain is really nice if you're going to sleep through it.. however, how are you going to enjoy the ice cream sundaes!?

Like really, the sundaes got me!

Whether you decide to try out first class, or you just take my word for it and sit in the perfectly fine economy seats... Go book a flight somewhere and have your own travel experience. In the end, the excitement isn't really about the seat you sit in, it's about the adventure that awaits once you land!

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