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Under the Umbrella's Spell

... Well, that will come in handy during a rainstorm.

There are those moments... those moments that you never want to end. They come so infrequently, and they are often the ones that sum up chapters in your life. Moments where you experience complete bliss, where you just want to pinch yourself. Or, like the Grinch- you literally begin to feel your heart grow. Those moments that you want to share with everyone- and not just the story of it- but, LIKE, you want EVERYONE sitting right there with you! Having them feel the same feelings that are slowly overcoming your own body, mind, and soul.

Bali has been one of the best experiences. A trip that slowly formed out of nowhere, a trip I felt I needed to make- not only for my mind, but for my heart. A trip that I've dreamt of for a while now. I have, unfortunately, entered into the last week of my stay here, and will be flying back to New York City next week. I’m aware that there is still plenty of time left to explore, but I can’t shake that inevitable gut wrench of that date when I’ll be back boarding a plane.

Tonight, I visited one of the top places on my list to visit while in Bali - La Plancha. La Plancha is a trendy beach bar and restaurant on Double Six Beach in Seminyak. It is known best for its big colorful bean bag chairs, nestled into the sand, underneath vibrant, and lit, umbrellas.

As I said, I had been waiting a while for this moment, and wanted to go at just the right time— Sunset! I sat on my big green bean bag chair, underneath my umbrella, and I dug my toes into the sand while a guy in a floral island shirt waited on me. I took my camera out and snapped heaps of pictures, all the while, trying to calm the internal party that my body was having with itself. I had the best marinated tuna steak, that sat atop a mountain of fresh vegetables and next to a pile of potato wedges with Thai sauce. I ordered a dragon fruit and peach drink, ice cold, and tangled with Vodka.

And I just SAT there, facing the ocean, watching waves of at least seven feet build and collapse in on themselves, spraying high walls of water into the air. A trio of horses and their riders galloped across the sand, at the edge of the water’s shore. I saw kites out at a distance to the right, and listened to the DJ spin a Kygo-infused playlist of deep island house music (one of my favorite genres of music, and the BEST music to play on a beach in Bali.)

Honestly, the only thing about it that wasn’t amazing, was the fact that no one was there to share the moment with me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed my solitude, and haven’t minded being alone here in Seminyak, but like I said earlier, it was just one of those moments that you really wanted to share with somebody- anybody! I just basked in the glory of this single snapshot of my life.

I have met great people while I’ve been here, and formed a few friendships along the way. The island life is most definitely a lifestyle I could get used to, and If it has taught me anything (and it has taught me a lot), it is that life is really great!

It really is.

And not just because I'm living on an island for a month, but because life is made up of thousands of these snapshots. And these images, and the way they develop, all depend on our outlook and our desire to simply enjoy, no matter where they occur.

So, start living and enjoy it! Be aware of it, and don’t just let amazing moments pass you by. Learn from every experience and grab ahold to it with all you have.

And now, my challenge for you— GO! Go do something you’ve waited to do! Go experience the moment and take in every second! It does the heart good, and you deserve it!

- Dustin

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