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Reflections: A Morning in Gianyar

Personal Unedited Journal Entry


“The sun has just began to peek, still low and glowing from the earth’s horizon. I sit on the balcony of the second story of my rented guest house. It resides in a small community outside of Ubud Center [Gianyar]. I’m listening to the noises, awakened by the chicken’s morning alarm. The bug’s chirping sets a constant low ring to the ear. There are chimes and drums in the distance, and the low raspy sound of a man’s voice singing, or chanting. The birds are awakening, and their songs are filling any absent space, however, amongst the multitude of sounds, there is no space to fill.

The sun begins brightening the morning sky. To my right is a small, overgrown field, occupied only by a single brown cow, flicking flies from his ears. Ahead of me, a garden, overlooked by the balcony. Walls surround the borders, where Hindu shrines as large as homes line the main walkway. Plants, green and tall, fill the garden. A spider, larger than the palm of my hand, sits in its web between the branches of a tree, in my direct line of sight. Its legs long and spread, pacing the length of the web.

The morning sun is now high and illuminating the iridescent green leaves that encapsulate me. The locals arrive, and enter the garden, with early morning prayers and offerings to their Hindu gods. They carry an array of flowers and burn incense during their daily routine.”


I choose to share this journal entry with you, because I feel like this is something that I, too often, don’t take time to do. Taking the few moments to remain quiet, and take in my surroundings is something I find not only relaxing, but it stimulates the senses and opens the mind to other things and other opportunities.

As a New Yorker, the horns never cease, the people are always there, and there is always somewhere to be, or something to do. I need to make more time for myself, to connect with myself, and allow myself to turn off and enjoy the basics of life. Breath, air, nature, and stillness.

This idea of always having to fill our time with something (Television, a book, chores, work, social media) is something we have to learn to balance. We allow everyone and everything else to fill our minds constantly, to entertain us. We, instead, must find time to fill ourselves with our own thoughts, our own revelations, and our own peace and quiet.

I would challenge you to enjoy nature in its rawest form. Free your mind of daily tasks, anxiety, work, and problems… and allow yourself to enjoy the quiet, to enjoy time for yourself. Get away, find somewhere to relax, plan a trip (even if it’s just down the road), and find somewhere to be alone. Turn off your cell phone, your computer, and your busy mind. Try recording what you see through journaling, song writing, or poetry. Meditate, sing a heart song, stretch and relax. I believe you will take away from it a new sight, and a new perspective.

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